What are the 3 mountain ranges in philippines?

Pages in the category Mountain Ranges of the Philippines: Caraballo Mountains, Cordillera Central de Panay, Cordillera Central (Luzon). Its main peak, which gives its name to the entire mountain range, is Mount Malindang, a complex volcano with an elevation of 2,404 m (7,887 ft) above sea level; it is the highest point of the Malindang mountain range, as well as the highest point in the entire province of Misamis Occidental. At 2,073 m (6,801 ft) above sea level, Nangtud is the second highest point in the Panay mountain range and island, and the third highest mountain in the Visayas. At its southernmost end, the Panaron mountain range is anchored by Mount Talomo and Mount Apo, which together form the component mountain range called the Apo-Talomo mountain range (although some accounts state that it is a completely separate mountain range).

The Sierra Madre, which in Spanish means “mother mountains”, forms the eastern mountainous spine of Luzon. In fact, its name is the Tagalog word that means “horn”, since the mountain was once noted for its sharp horn-shaped pinnacle that rose some 752 m (2,467 ft) above sea level. First of all, this mountain barrier constitutes a natural defense against powerful typhoons that come from the Pacific and seek to storm Luzon. Dulang-Dulang is located on the ancestral lands of the Talaandig tribe, who worship the mountain as something sacred.

Mount Pinatubo, together with Mount Negrón (1,583 m or 5,194 feet above sea level) and Monte Cuadrado (1,324 m or 4,344 feet above sea level), form the Cabusilan mountain range, a component mountain range that forms the most prominent section of the Zambales mountains. They have deep cultural, social and economic ties — links that extend over many generations and go back to past times — with the mountains of the Kalatungan mountain range, as well as with those of the Kitanglad mountain range, to the north. Local and foreign mountaineers have at least 95 reasons to explore the Philippine mountain ranges. Another close candidate is Mount Mingan, the main and highest peak in the Mingan Mountains of the same name.

Home to Maria Makiling, a goddess who protects the mountain and its treasures, Mount Makiling is one of the most mystical mountains in the archipelago. But what is known is that the mountain range is crowned by several high peaks, most of which have unverified altitudes. The northern end of the Pantarón mountain range is Mount Balatukan, a gigantic stratovolcano composed of a long and elevated ridge crowned by multiple peaks. Only a few mountaineers have tried to climb its mountains, and even fewer have climbed to its coveted peaks and described the surrounding lands, not so much because of the risks and dangers inherent to the mountain range, but because of the precariousness and instability of its location.

But what is known is that, like Mount Palali, the rest of the mountain range is densely covered by forest, or at least it once was, since in many areas, the lush forest cover has been completely devoid of wood and farmland, leaving some mountains — and, in extension, the surrounding lowlands — devoid of protection against floods and landslides.