What are the 3 major mountain ranges in luzon?

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There are two main mountain ranges in the Philippines, the Sierra Madre and the Cordillera Central, which are located in the Caraballo Mountains. Located in Nueva Vizcaya, Mount Palali is the highest point in the Caraballo Mountains. There are five major mountain systems on the large island of Mindanao, some of which are formed by volcanic activity. From Lingayen Gulf in the north to the Bataan Peninsula and Manila Bay in the south, the mountain range extends from northwest to southeast.

There are three mountain ranges on the island that are roughly parallel in their north-south direction. The Sierra Madre de Luzon mountain range extends from the Pacific coast to the central part of the island. There are coastal plains, rugged mountains along the South China Sea in the west and mountain ranges in the east, including the Central Cordillera and the Zambales Mountains. The Caraballo Mountains are formed by merging the Caraballo mountain range with the Cordillera Central in north-central Luzon.

The Cordillera Central, the central mountain range of Luzon, which extends north to the Strait of Luzon from the northern boundary of the Central Plain, is the most prominent mountain range.